Teoman Duman, PhD

Teoman Duman, PhD


Dr. Teoman Duman was born in 1968 in Turkey. He received his bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management in Mersin, Turkey in 1992. He completed his master’s education at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, and his doctoral education at the Pennsylvania State University in the United States, in hospitality and tourism marketing field. He earned his associate professorship degree in the scientific field of marketing given by Turkish Higher Education Council in 2007. After working as an assistant professor in different Turkish universities, he transferred to International Burch University in early 2010. Until recently, he has worked in this university as a deputy rector. Now, he is working as the dean of Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences. During his academic career, he published two books, five book chapters and more than thirty research articles. He specialized on marketing of service products during his academic career. His academic focus was on consumer behavior towards service products including vacations, health and municipal services. He also published a number of articles related to destination services and development.


He worked with around 20 master students and 3 doctoral students in their thesis work. As part of his academic life, he initiated the Journal of Economic and Social Studies (JECOSS) and held the position of journal editor until this time. He also chairs the International Conference on Economic and Social Studies (ICESoS), which focuses on publications related to economic and business-related issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in greater Balkan region. Currently, he is editing a book on regional economic development in the Balkan region.


In addition to his academic works, he engaged in a number of consultation activities for private businesses. He worked with an office furniture company in Turkey to develop market growth strategies for the company. He also engaged in the development strategy for a well developed city in Turkey. Part of this work was public opinion surveys and identification of growth areas for the city planning. He also designed and coordinated three European Union projects that focused on developing tourism and service capacities for local unemployed people in Turkey.


Dr. Teoman Duman is married and has two daughters.